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What is an online presence?

So, What is an online presence?  An online presence is more than just your website, it is much larger than this and it spans the entire internet. In addition to your website, your web presence also encompasses your social media pages, directory pages, and anywhere else that your company name is found within the search engines and on the internet.

Online Presence

What is the importance of online presence?

Have you ever searched for a company online, only to find that the phone number is incorrect or that an address is not updated? This is because there are thousand's on online directories. Yelp and YP are some of the more well-known ones, but these are not the only ones that you have to worry about. There are literally thousands of online directories and places that your business could potentially be listed.  While these listings can offer a boost to your organic search results, they also have the potential to harm your organic search ranking efforts. The reason for this is simple, it all boils down to the credibility of your business.

Or, how about a business phone number might be listed under more than one company. It happens all the time. You've probably got that one friend that changes phone numbers time after time. While businesses don't do this as often, there are businesses that close down every day. What do you think happens to their phone number? You've got it, it is recycled. However, the online directories are not notified and this data is out there to stay until someone reports it.

However, the importance of online presence is not limited to citations (online directory listings), it is also important that your website is professional and user friendly. Blog Postings and Website Content should offer valuable information that is accurate and trustworthy.  Additionally, this content should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

With our Web Presence Management Service, we monitor your listings and duplicate listings (like old phone numbers) to make sure that your listings are helping to establish a trust within the community, thereby strengthening your brand and your credibility. We will audit your sites for accuracy and perform grammatical and spelling check on your content, if needed.

Your web presence should work for you, showcasing the talent within your company. If not, then it is time to make some changes. Within the next year an additional 3 billion people will begin searching the internet. Don't procrastinate any further, it is time to do this. We'd love to help.

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