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Why is Organic SEO important?
The term Organic SEO refers to the act of optimizing your website or content using natural techniques or without using paid ads or pay per click search.

Research shows that the majority of users that are searching the internet:

1. Do not go beyond page 1 of search results
2. Do not click on search results shown as "Ads"

Therefore, ranking for natural or organic terms should be an element that is incorporated into the strategy of your plan for creating a website or blog online.  The importance of SEO should always be factored into your site, whether used alone or in conjunction with SEM practices.
Why is keyword research important?

Long Term Marketing Strategy

Organic Search results typically offer long term stability. While other SEO techniques are more apt to only boost search results for a short period of time. This makes your Content Marketing plan a crucial element of your Marketing Strategy. Choosing to ignore the importance of well-written content will likely result in a stagnant website and your web presence visibility will likely be non-existent. On the contrary, investing in your content creation will help you to build an audience, promote your brand, and increase your visibility.

Content Marketing & SEO Strategy

Content Marketing works hand in hand with SEO Strategic practices. Incorporating a blog into your workflow is an ideal example of content marketing. A consistent blog will provide fresh new content for your site and if executed correctly then it can create opportunities for other SEO juice, i.e. backlinks, social media content, etc.
Are you looking for content solutions?
Atlanta Online offers small business owners, managers, agencies, and freelancers the content solutions that will bring purposeful high-quality content to their website, blog, or social media channels. Content orders are based on your specific needs and will align with the goals of your business. Are you ready for your Content nightmare to end?
Our Content Management Solution Packages
Contact us to get a resolution to your content problems with a strategically designed content management system that will align with the the goals of your marketing plan, beginning with increasing brand awareness. We work through a streamlined process with you to capture the essence of your business, your customers, and your products or services, which is at the core of your custom content marketing program.

Whether you're looking for a in-house solution or a Full-Service hands-off solution. Or, something in between. We've got your back.

We offer convenient online ordering. New Customers submit their order and receive a proposal within hours. Existing Clients with established pricing can submit their order, upon receipt the order would be immediately placed into production.

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