Is branding important? 

To answer that question, take a moment and think about how it made you feel when you first started your business.

Do any of these feelings look familiar?
Maybe you didn't realize that these [feelings] were the beginning of your brand.

Misconceptions about what a brand is...

A brand is more than just your logo, or your signature product. Yes, your brand is that and so much more.

A brand is a feeling.

People, your customers, buy the products and services that make them feel happy, comfortable, or satisfied.

Reputation, Impressions, and Mental Snapshots - Create the right ones.

Your brand is your reputation, it is how others perceive you, it is how you make others feel through their experience with your company, your products, and your service. It is what is in the hearts and minds of your customers, and how they think of you on an emotional level.

Impressions, both good and bad, have a way of hanging around. Therefore, it is important to implement standards of care to ensure that your customers consistently have a pleasant experience, leaving a good impression time after time.

When a customer has an experience, they are left with a mental snapshot. It becomes ingrained in the memories of your customers and their experiences with your brand.

People use the brands that they trust, and to gain trust you have to be consistent in the service that you provide each and every time. Being authentic is crucial, because if you're genuine then this will be displayed throughout time. And how do you maintain consistency? Well, a plan is an important element that will keep you on track when you need to meet deadlines, goals, or milestones. All of which are crucial sub-elements of your business plan, your marketing plan, or your content managemet plan.

It doesn't sound very creative, does it?

But, we think the opposite is true.

We believe that the ingenuity behind a strategic plan is where creativity can gain momentum. Therefore, when you incorporate creative ideas, into your plan, it takes on a life of its own and is not the boring plan that creatives are against.

Creating a mood board will get your creative juices flowing, followed up by a detailed style guide, that will use key characteristics about your customers to help set the tone of the company. By developing these elements you are laying a foundation for your brand.

The style guide is essential for training employees and contractors, and many companies go as far as using this guide to help recruit new hires. By establishing the right tribe, you will ensure that you have the right team to represent your company and your products, and with consistency, creativity, and a strategic plan, you will find that you've uncovered a successful formula that results in your Brand.

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