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Atlanta Online Studio's is a team of creative and aspiring business entrepreneurs with a vision of making the dream of becoming a business owner a successful journey for anyone who possesses the will and determination to do so. We are passionate about business, it is what we do and it is what we know. We are also compassionate community advocates. Therefore, we get really excited when we have the opportunity to combine both business and community together.  

We provide benefits instead of services

What does it mean to provide benefits instead of services?

Well, instead of looking at our tasks as things that we "have" to do, we found that when you change your mindset and focus on the benefits of the services that you provide, then you will become more adept at delivering value instead of merely doing those menial tasks. Would you like to do this for your customers, too?
You can by simply offering your benefits with passion. When you're passionate about the products or services that you offer, you will be more likely to draw in those ideal customers, and creating a bond using emotion. Frankly speaking, your customers will appreciate the value that you bring to them, and you will appreciate this in return.

Atlanta Online Studios works with clients to enhance their Web Presence using Industry Best Practices, which is also referred to as White Hat SEO. By pledging to practice this type of marketing, we minimize the exposure or risk of our customer incurring a penalty that is issued by Google. Incurring a penalty from Google has severe consequences that could cause your business to literally fall off of the map (Google Maps) and leave you with a suspended Google My Business Account. Many times the business receiving the penalty is unaware that their marketing agency was utilizing techniques to improve their rankings that were against Google's policies. These tactics are often referred to as Black Hat SEO.

We strive to consistently treat our client's with the utmost respect and to conduct business with honesty, integrity, transparency, and ingenuity.

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Atlanta Online Studios is a creative digital marketing agency that serves the Metro Atlanta area and is located in East Atlanta in the city of Covington, GA. Contact Us for more information or to let us know about your next project, campaign, or website. 

Atlanta Online Studios
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