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A Founder's Story - A Labor of Love, From Caregiver to Marketer

Multi-Passionate Entreprenuer
Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

My name is Nora, and I am the founder of Atlanta Online Studios. I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur with an eye for detail, and my first passion is to assist other entrepreneurs to achieve success within their new business ventures.

My passion for business began to develop when I went to work with my father, an electrician, every day during a summer visit many years ago. It (my love for business) continued to grew when I helped my husband, also an electrician, to start-up his business many years later.

Finding my Why - My Ah-ha moment:

I was reading the IRS publication 15 to teach myself how to manage employees and sub-contractors for my husband's Electrical Service business. I began to wonder, How could the average American live the American Dream? To live this dream one would have to conquer the daunting task of filing a host of different forms and reports that required timely filing and were due to various agencies throughout the year.

I instantly recognized the challenges that this imposed on so many existing and potential business owners. How could a person that possesses a vast knowledge of a skilled trade, such as contractors, electricians, and plumbers, be expected to grow a business without a business degree?

From that moment, I knew that I wanted to help others to overcome the obstacles that might keep a person from starting, or successfully running a business.

A Foundation for my dream business - A twenty-year journey that gave me the experience that I would need while fostering my love for business.

I went on to work in the corporate world, while continuing to manage my husband's bookkeeping and payroll responsibilities. I held titles of Office Manager, Human Resources Specialist, HR Manager, Payroll Manager, and Director of Benefits for a Payroll Service / PEO. During that time, I helped many different businesses, primarily in the construction and healthcare industries, to become very successful by managing their books, payroll, benefits, payroll taxes, and other associated tasks.

My transition to Internet Marketing

After losing my husband in 2012, I decided that it was time to make helping businesses, my business. While assisting a former colleague with his company, a digital marketing agency, I was offered a partnership in the business and I fell in love with marketing, specifically I enjoyed the challenge of Search Engine Optimization and the creativity of Content Marketing. I dove in and began working 15-18 hour days catching up the books, yet I continuously found myself also handling tasks for the marketing side of the agency. Within a few short months, I was spending more time on marketing tasks than on the bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

Unexpected Events

Unexpectedly for me, the partnership crumbled and I was beyond devasted. I thought my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur were coming to an end. Ironically, on the very same day, my mother fell ill. Knowing that I couldn't go back to the corporate world at that moment, I challenged myself to make my dreams a reality, so that I could be available to assist my mother in her various doctor appointments and to deal with the symptoms of her illness. Beyond Paper Profit Advisors, a bookkeeping and business consulting service were born.

I reverted to my roots, focusing on obtaining clients within the construction industry. The business was growing, yet, I found that I'd developed a strong passion for the internet marketing industry, that I missed.

As my mother's health continued to deteriorate, I was forced to put my business ventures on a brief hold. During her final weeks of life, I met Michelle, the administrator of a Hospice Organization. Michelle and her team assisted me in caring for my mom and helping to make her comfortable by managing her pain and other symptoms.

A leap of faith

Following my mom's passing, I planned to attend a memorial service that was organized by the hospice organization for the families to honor their loved ones. As a way of thanking Michelle and her team for the care that they gave to my mom and to me, I volunteered to help Michelle promote the event and optimize her FaceBook page. Later Michelle approached me to discuss her web presence and she and I talked about how internet marketing, along with a responsive website could help to grow the Hospice business.  

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